A Good Guy with a Gun Beats Evil Only When He or She Acts

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An evil adult slaughtered 17 innocent children and adults at the Stoneman Douglas High School on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2018. The shooter should have been stopped as the school, local authorities and even the FBI had been warned without any action.

The Stoneman Douglas High School had four armed resource officers on the campus. Unfortunately all were outside and not one of them saw the shooter, armed with a semi-automatic rifle and smoke grenades, enter the building. All of these “resource officers” were Broward County Sheriff’s deputies.

One deputy in particular, remained outside the school for four minutes after he was aware of the shooting, while children were being murdered. The carnage inside took less than six minutes. When the local police arrived, they found the resource officers hiding behind their cars with guns drawn and ready for action which never came.

WPTV reported Sheriff Scott Israel commenting on the resource officer Scott Peterson’s actions:

“Scott Peterson was absolutely on campus through this entire event,” Israel said. “He was armed, he was in uniform. After seeing video, witness statements, and Scott Peterson’s very own statement, I decided this morning to suspend Scott Peterson without pay pending an internal investigation. As is his right, Scott Peterson chose to resign.”

Israel claimed that Peterson “clearly” knew there was a shooting, and was seen doing “nothing” on video.

Four armed, trained Broward County Sheriff’s deputies stood around cowering behind their cars and decided not to enter the building, presumably so they wouldn’t get shot themselves. If these good men with guns had acted they most probably would have limited the deaths.

These questions need to be addressed:

Why had none of them noticed the shooter entering the building with a semi-automatic rifle?

Why were all of them outside instead of one or two inside the building?

We need some good men (or women) with guns who can act in the face of school violence  and protect our children.

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