Gun Control New York Style

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The Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence gun control group (formerly Americans for Responsible Solutions) published a study listing the cost of gun violence in New York. They claim the total costs are $5.6 Billion per year!

Let’s see how they came up with these figures, and yes, we will use Giffords’ figures, even though they mostly appear inflated. According to their footnotes, the following shows some massaging of the data was performed with a model (shades of the global warming/cooling/climate change data manipulation going on since the 1960s).

Estimates of the cost of gun violence in New York were created using a model of the cost of gun violence.

Researchers estimated a variety of costs associated with each gun injury, making adjustments based on whether the injury in question was a fatal injury, a non-fatal injury requiring hospitalization, or a non-fatal injury only requiring emergency department treatment.

…all cost estimates in our calculations were adjusted to 2016 dollars.

All cost estimates are derived from a model

So their numbers are suspect from the start.


One “study” *** included the lifetime earnings of people that die from guns, not just the true social costs.  This included lost incomes of criminals killed by law-abiding citizens, costs associated with suicides, the “emotional costs experienced by relatives and friends of gunshot victims, and the fear and general reduction in quality of life … including people who are not victimized”.  If the same methodology were used to calculate the social savings from private gun ownership, we would see a benefit to society of half a trillion dollars, or 10% of the 1999 US Gross Domestic Product.

*** The Financial Costs of Gun Violence, Linda Gunderson, Annals of Internal Medicine, September 21, 1999

The NY Daily News reported the following figures:

Giffords Law Center found in excess of $2.1 billion in direct costs, including $106 million per year on health care, $203 million for law enforcement and criminal justice expenses, $12 million in costs to employers, and $1.7 billion in lost income.

WOW! The majority of these figures reports $1.7 billion in “lost wages”. Since a good percentage of shootings in NY are gang-related, are they counting the projected income lost by the drug dealers? Compare that $1.7 billion to the very low cost to employers of $12 million.

I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and say lost wages is $750 million. That gives us slightly over$1 billion.

The NY times also reported:

On top of that, the report found, there is $3.6 billion associated costs resulting from reduced quality of life attributable to pain and suffering. [Emphasis is mine.]

So that’s how they get the inflated numbers.

Soooo… let’s accept their numbers anyway.

We all know New York has some of the strictest gun control laws. No standard capacity magazines. No “assault rifles” [in reality just semi-automatic rifles – not true assault weapons] and strict universal background checks. New York also requires a hard-to-get permit in order to legally own a handgun. NYC does require a permit to buy or own a rifle of any type along with a permit for just owning handgun.

We can definitely see how New York’s gun control laws are working – NOT, whether the cost is $1 billion or $5.6 billion a year!

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