Why do gun owners get offended when foreigners criticize America’s gun laws and culture?

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Our friend and member, Jeff Klopotic, had a great answer to this question posted on Quora on January 29, 2018:

Here is what Jeff said:

Because they have the exact same problems in their respective countries but for some reason fail to recognize it- namely the fact that most of their crime victims are unarmed because of gun control laws. This violates the basic right of an individual to to defend themselves which many Americans find offensive.

Experience from around the world shows that armed victims are less likely to be injured or killed in a confrontation than a victim who is unarmed.

Here in the US, that experience is illustrated daily with cities and states with strong gun control laws having higher crime rates than jurisdictions with lesser gun control.

Those jurisdictions that encourage gun ownership have crime rates as good as or better than many EU and UK/Commonweath countries.

This points to the fact that if anything the US needs to address not guns as a problem rather gun control as a problem.

Also, this raises the question of how much lower EU, UK/Commonwealth crime rates could be if they rescinded their onerous gun control laws.

Well said, Jeff!

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