The mental health problems of murderers and gun control advocates.

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The title of Eugene Robinson’s editorial dated Feb 16 2018,  was ” The Issue Is Not Mental Health, It’s Guns “.   In it, the prolific foolishness of Eugene Robinson was on full display.

Worse than that, it demonstrated that while mass shooters clearly suffer from mental disorders, so too do gun control advocates like Eugene Robinson.

He begins with an assertion that mass shooting has nothing to do with mental health but then goes on to accurately summarize that the shooter was indeed a whack job…. and that everyone knew it. So which is it?

He accurately states that the shooter passed mandated background checks before buying the murder weapon. And then advocates for a ” common sense measure ” to deal with the problem. And what is this “common sense measure “? Why it’s universal background checks!

He then asserts that it is impossible for any mental health system to prevent every mass shooting but then advocates gun control efforts that have proven to be equally incapable of preventing every mass shooting.

And I am left to question why he is perfectly satisfied with a solution that ” could ” prevent mass shootings but has repeatedly rejected to those ideas that have a proven history of preventing mass shootings. Ideas like protecting students with armed security. Apparently, for Mr. Robinson it’s more important for to have gun free zones than it is to have students protected from killers.

Robinson admits that for him the crux of the matter is firearms. And after claiming that surface to air missiles are no different than semi-automatic rifles, he asserts that the Bill of Rights can be voided because the founding fathers never intended that people have the ability to kill people in large numbers.

Based on that reasoning, Mr. Robinson, I guess we should be able to void your right to a free press. After all, the founding fathers never intended you to have the ability to lie to people in large numbers by using the internet, a computer or a fax or other tools of ” mass misrepresentation” to kill the rights of large numbers of people.

The shooter in Parkland Florida was a violent whack job. I volunteer to feed him feet first into a wood chipper and remove him from the gene pool.

But Eugene Robinson suffers from a mental disorder as well. It is a mental disorder born out of the arrogance and ignorance that comes with ego-mania. While Mr. Robinson does not use a gun to murder innocent children, he is clearly comfortable killing the Constitutional rights of innocent citizens.

So question remains: We know what needs to be done to crazed killers who do violence to the innocent. What do we do with an unbalanced gun grabber like Robinson who wants to do violence to our Constitution?

REF: The Issue Is Not Mental Health. It’s Guns.
By Eugene Robinson February 16, 2018

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