All the Talk about Gun Control Ignores Inner-City Shootings and Black Lives

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Since the recent massacre created by an evil adult at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High, there have been calls for gun bans, more gun laws “assault rifle” bans, and other legislation in an attempt to stop evil. We know that does not work – just look at Chicago deaths and shootings: 650 deaths in 2017 and 2,958 shootings as of the year up to October 2017.

Pastor Michael McBride

Not a peep of acknowledgement of inner-city shootings, totally ignoring the murder of blacks which totaled 7,881 nation-wide in 2017. No mention of this by the BLM movement either. Just the sound of crickets from the legislative gun-banners. WHY?

Way back in January of 2013 Pastor Michael McBride form Berkeley, California met with Vice President Joe Biden and expressed his concerns. This was right after the Sandy Hook school shootings in Newtown, Connecticut where 20 children and six adults were killed.

However, in 2012, nearly 6,000 blacks were murdered by firearms. Pastor McBride had a solution: Ceasefire, which is a very effective program in reducing gun violence.

Back in 2015, Lois Beckett wrote in ProPublica:

Many people viewed inner-city shootings as an intractable problem. But for two years, McBride had been spreading awareness about Ceasefire, a nearly two-decades-old strategy that had upended how police departments dealt with gang violence. Under Ceasefire, police teamed up with community leaders to identify the young men most at risk of shooting someone or being shot, talked to them directly about the risks they faced, offered them support, and promised a tough crackdown on the groups that continued shooting.

Pastor McBride proposed funding to spread this program nationwide. It looks like he was met with indifference. Lois Beckett reported McBride’s take on VP Biden’s and the President’s administration’s resolve:

In response, the vice president agreed urban violence was very important, McBride said. But it was clear that “there was not a lot of appetite for that conversation by folks in the meeting,” McBride recalled.

Later, other ministers who worked with McBride would get an even blunter assessment from a White House staffer: There was no political will in the country to address inner-city violence.

When McBride spoke to administration staffers again about dramatically increasing money for programs like Ceasefire, he said, “People were kind of looking at me like, ‘Are you crazy?’ No, I’m not crazy. This is your own recommendation. You should do it!”

The politicians appear not to be interested in saving black lives.

I highly recommend you read Lois Beckett’s article in its entirety. She has lots of figures and graphs to support this issue where black lives should matter.

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