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The AR-15 – A Great Self-Defense Tool

Tom Knighton wrote a great post on the Bearing Arms site about the AR-15 and its usefulness for self-defense. Briefly said, here are the reasons: It’s Lightweight It’s Compact It Has Low Recoil Versatility Accuracy Ammo Capacity Tom backs up … Continue reading

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Armed Resource Officers in Schools Are Better than a Bucket of Rocks

Guy Smith of Gun Facts has a great article titled “Good Guy with a Gun?” What jumped out at me was the response time vs. the casualty count. Guy calls it the police lag. Looking at the graphs below (Figure … Continue reading

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What would make right-wingers support gun control?

The above question was posed and Adam H. came up with a great answer. I have to share it with you! Related posts: How low can you go? Just ask the gun control community. How low can you go part … Continue reading

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