Iranian President Ayatollah Khamenei Has the Solution for the United States (Video)

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The liberal (and RINO) gun-banners have international support for their cause. The Iranian President, Ayatollah Khamenei offers his advice and support for those who wish to defend their constitutional rights.

He said on a YouTube video:

The accessibility of guns leads to homicide; it has created problems for a country like the U.S., everyone admits fears and is concerned about it.

But no one dares to apply the clear cure & solution to it. What’s that solution? It’s to make guns illegal.

This is the cure.

He is supporting the liberal extremist agenda to eventually make all guns illegal and seizing as many as they can to disarm all U.S. citizens, except the criminals and the elite.

This is from the leader of a country that throws women in jail for not wearing a hijab or burka. They hang and imprison their citizens who convert to Christianity. Gay people are thrown off rooftops or lifted up on cranes for a slow and agonizing death.

It is strange that gun-banners will agree with someone that would kill them if they were under his rules.

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