Irresponsible Person Gives Responsible Gun Owners a Bad Name

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Actually, José Gutierrez was a criminal (more about this later) before he fired (allegedly) a rifle in his back yard on Saturday, February 24th at approximately 11 pm. A neighbor had a party going on that was loud and apparently disturbing José. Several shots were fired, probably into the ground, in an attempt to get the neighbors to quiet down. Thankfully, no one was hurt.

After the shooting, he fled in his silver-colored Honda Accord. A BOLO was issued and everyone was Police were called and they obtained a warrant to enter his home. Just before 9 pm, a SWAT team went into his home. They discovered he was long gone. The SWAT team searched the house, but did not find the rifle.

The Palo Alto Online reported on Sunday:

Police reported Sunday afternoon that detectives had located the assault rifle style weapon allegedly used in the shooting incident in the suspect’s home, but said Gutierrez “is still outstanding.”

[As a side comment of mine, they wrote “assault rifle style weapon” rather than using the term assault rifle that is in vogue in the past weeks.]

Evidently, José found out the police knew who he was and were making a concerted effort to find him. He voluntarily surrendered to police on the afternoon of Wednesday, February 28th. He is in the San Mateo County gray-bar hotel. The Almanac (for San Mateo, Atherton, Portola Valley and Woodside) reported that he was charged with “negligently firing a gun and possessing a stolen gun, which are both felonies”.

I had previously mentioned that José was a criminal. We now see that he possessed a stolen firearm, an “assault rifle-style weapon”. Possessing a stolen rifle is also a Federal crime with severe penalties. Will the District Attorney bargain these charges away in exchange for a guilty plea?

With all the recent reports of evil people committing murder and criminals indiscriminately discharging firearms, this just adds to the anti-gun agenda. Nobody, not even the NRA, wants firearms in the hands of this type of person. I hope José gets the book thrown at him and receives the maximum sentences possible served concurrently followed by the Federal punishment for which there is no parole. All of this pending a conviction, of course.

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