New Jersey’s Assault Against Gun Owners Turns to Preposterous

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New Jersey firearm owners are probably wishing they had their old governor, Chris Christie, back in office. Governor Phil Murphy is a liberal and his presence turns control of the entire state to the gun banners. Christie may not have been a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment, but he did help to rein in the gun banners a bit.

Now, the people whose main agenda is removing firearms from NJ residents are in full control of the state. If you think this will not affect California gun owners, you are highly mistaken. California has similar legislation just ready to be reinterpreted by the DOJ with New Jersey’s new definitions.

New Jersey has A1217 has a whole list of things that a judge can use to order the immediate seizure of firearms from the state’s subjects. Only probable cause is required for the judge to issue the order to take all firearms and other “deadly weapons”. Anyone, like an angry neighbor or family member, can make a statement before the judge and the seizure gets granted without even a hearing.

The most disturbing item in A1217 that a judge may use to seize all the weapons lies in section 2.1.f:

(f)   evidence of recent acquisition of firearms or other deadly weapons.

This means an anti-gun neighbor could say “I am afraid because my neighbor just bought a firearm,” and voila the police come storming in and seize all your “dangerous weapons” possibly including the $30,000 original Samurai sword you have hanging on the wall.

California is usually the leader in gun-banning as evidenced by the passage of “Gunmageddon” and a super majority in both houses of the California legislator. They can run amok, so keep aware and up to date on what the California Congresspersons and the DOJ are doing to infringe on all your rights. Also keep an eye out for all the local attacks on all of your civil rights.

Make sure you are registered to vote and vote only for pro-civil rights people running for office. Better yet, get INVOLVED in the local political scene. Volunteer to do precinct walks with candidates you support. Even drag your like-minded friends out to vote!

Don’t think about it – just do it!

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