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Sunnyvale Sneaks in Another Gun Control Measure at Late Night Meeting

The Sunnyvale City Council is at it again – they ordered their attorneys to make an ordinance increasing the age to buy an “assault-style weapon” from age 18 to 21. There will be an exception for police officers and active … Continue reading

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Action Needed: Gun Shows May Be Banned at the Santa Clara Fairgrounds

They are doing it again! Another assault is taking place against our First Amendment and Second Amendment rights. The Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors just voted 5 to 0 for having the county attorneys work on banning sales or … Continue reading

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Sheriff Dale J Schmidt Tells Parents to Raise Their Children to Respect

Dodge County Sheriff Dale J Schmidt offers common sense advice to parents. Teach the children to respect everyone. That means teach them respect for teachers, police, others on authority, and also for their parents. Here are some excerpts from his … Continue reading

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Iranian President Ayatollah Khamenei Has the Solution for the United States (Video)

The liberal (and RINO) gun-banners have international support for their cause. The Iranian President, Ayatollah Khamenei offers his advice and support for those who wish to defend their constitutional rights. Related posts: Proof the United Nations Has Been Working for … Continue reading

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Condi Rice Sets The View in Their Place About Gun Registration

Condoleezza Rice is a defender of the Second Amendment and she is against gun registration. If it weren’t for firearms owned by her father and their neighbors, the KKK might have killed them. The White Knight Riders with their hoods … Continue reading

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Becoming an Outdoors Woman

I received this email and thought it would be helpful for all the women that are interested in shooting or want to try it out. Hello Outdoors Women! It is that time of year for our spring newsletter… For any … Continue reading

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Silicon Valley Friends of NRA Dinner in San Jose, Friday, May 4, 2018

Join us at the next Silicon Valley Friends of NRA dinner. The festivities start a 6 pm. There are plenty of raffles and chances to win firearms and other collectables. There is also a mega drawing for a safe full … Continue reading

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Irresponsible Person Gives Responsible Gun Owners a Bad Name

Actually, José Gutierrez was a criminal (more about this later) before he fired (allegedly) a rifle in his back yard on Saturday, February 24th at approximately 11 pm. A neighbor had a party going on that was loud and apparently … Continue reading

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New Jersey’s Assault Against Gun Owners Turns to Preposterous

New Jersey firearm owners are probably wishing they had their old governor, Chris Christie, back in office. Governor Phil Murphy is a liberal and his presence turns control of the entire state to the gun banners. Christie may not have … Continue reading

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