Sunnyvale Sneaks in Another Gun Control Measure at Late Night Meeting

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The Sunnyvale City Council is at it again – they ordered their attorneys to make an ordinance increasing the age to buy an “assault-style weapon” from age 18 to 21. There will be an exception for police officers and active duty servicemen.

The council brought this up in a late night meeting and voted unanimously (7 to 0) to start fashioning the ordinance.

The council thinks they will prevent shootings like the one in Florida by enacting this ordinance. NBC Bay Area quoted Sunnyvale Mayor Glenn Hendricks as saying:

You have to be 21 to drink. If you’re a teenager and you get your license, you have to wait 12 months before you can go ahead and drive with your friends so there’s other things along the line of taking a look and we’ve seen that putting regulations in place for youth is not an inappropriate thing to do.

Mayor Hendricks, do you think 18 and 19-year old people are teenagers? I believe they are considered adults if they shoot someone. I think you are using the horrific slaughter in Florida by an evil person as a chance to pass a “feel-good” ordinance that does absolutely no good.

Mayor Hendricks, how about passing an ordinance requiring all Sunnyvale agencies, including schools and health workers, to submit all reports of dangerous persons over to the FBI for inclusion in the NICS background check system? If that had been done in Florida by the mental health people treating this person, he would have been prevented from buying any firearm.

Maybe everyone who is against this legislation should email the supervisors and civilly express their displeasure with the proposed ordinance. Go to the city Facebook page and send twitter messages to city hall (@CityofSunnyvaleCA). All the contact links I could find are listed below for your convenience.

Maybe there is a chance they will give up on this.

Sunnyvale has a social media page that provides announcements and a way for you to connect with them. Below are the City Hall social media pages:

Sunnyvale City Hall Facebook –
Sunnyvale City Hall Twitter –

Sunnyvale Council Members:

Gustav Larsson Seat – Seat 1 – Email:
Glenn Hendricks (Mayor) – Seat 2 – Email:
Jim Griffith – Seat 3 – Email:
Larry Klein – Seat 4 – Email:
Russ Melton – Seat 5 – Email:
Nancy Smith – Seat 6 – Email:
Michael S. Goldman – Seat 7 – Email:

Unfortunately, there is no direct email available for the council members.

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