PREPARE: Talking Points for the Santa Clara County Community Summit on Firearms & Safety

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Things to do TODAY

Look at the agenda and it’s 12 pages of ‘rules governing participation’.

Make notes on these four documents sent by Policy Aide Mario Lopez.
Address their objections to what Lopez has sent to Dave Cortese and the two other Supervisors likely to help and finally to Cortese’s chief of staff. Ask all if what Lopez has sent was their vision of how the summit was to be run. DO NOT include Lopez in the email address list.
Please address your email  as follows:
Address the To line ONLY to Cortese at his direct email
                  to Dave@Dave
And to BOS official email addresses:
Address the Cc line to : Lara McCabe, Chief of Staff,
And in the Cc line to Supervisor Cortese
And in the Cc line to Supervisor Wasserman
And in the Cc line to Supervisor Simitian
Also, do not include Supervisors Cindy Chavez or Yeager in this email complaint against Lopez and the summit.
Possible Subject lines could mention:
Fair and Balanced? OR Outcome-Driven Violence Summit?
Send multiple complaints, bury them in email – fax and phone could also be employed.

Things to Study and Prepare Before the Summit – Today

To be an effective participant at this summit on Saturday, April 28, 2018, you need to be prepared with FACTS and not the EMOTIONS that the organizers of the summit are counting on to create the uprising for more gun control and even bans. Please study these articles in addition to the agenda.

Wear business casual or jackets. Please DO NOT WEAR: camouflage, Second Amendment or gun T-shirts caps or any other apparel. You want to appear like the caring sensible person you are, not like a Rambo on the loose!

Letter from Chuck Michel to Santa CClars County Supervisors re the gun show ban issue, lists most NRA gun safety programs, including National School Safety, in footnotes on first two pages, a reference to NRA programs all in one place.

GunFacts item on autism, head injury and bullying being a characteristic of most mass shooters

Article on Mass Shootings from the Heritage Foundation

Article on defensive uses suppressed by CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

Complete Visual Graphics from GunFacts

Mass Public Shootings by the Numbers from GunFacts

Police Have a Duty to Protect – Think Again BOOKLET Rev B

Mercury news article on what Cortese actually said in proposing summit, to be rebutted.

Attend the Summit

Finally, show up at the summit to gently persuade people to respect the Second Amendment with FACTS, not emotions.

For additional questions, Contact Mike at

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  1. dennis says:

    Mr. Cortese has property up on mt. Hamilton, where him and his buddies shoot pigs and deer and quail and turkey’s……why is he appearing all anti gun

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