That “F” Has Got to Go!

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In hindsight of the Parkland shooting tragedy we need to examine its aftermath and ask ourselves what are we seeing and why. We see students marching to ban assault weapons that they believe are to blame. They also believe that these guns only exist because of ‘NRA Blood Money’.

The adults are legislating to remove the right of any 18 year old to own a semiautomatic rifle and to ban types of these guns for everyone. The responsible gun owners are wringing their hands saying it was not our fault so don’t take away our rights. So what have we learned, what are the facts?

Hindsight Columbine – The School Resource Officer (SRO) should have been trained that stopping the shooter(s) is priority one. It should have been difficult to bring guns onto the campus undetected, Warning signs in troubled students should have been seen, shared and acted upon. Providing a school environment that is inclusive and free from bullying should have made it unlikely to breed school shooters. Ditto Parkland.

So what did the government do? In 2013 President Obama task the CDC by executive order to study gun violence. Their conclusion was that guns are not the root cause hence gun control is not the solution. This was deemed the wrong answer by the Congressional majority so no further funding was forthcoming to continue to study the ‘gun problem’.

So what did the responsible gun owners do? They spent their money through NRA contributions to perform a $1.3 Million independent study on how best to protect our students from all violence. That study examined tragedy hindsight, including Columbine, and resulted in the formation of the National School Shield (NSS) program. This free (NRA funded) program has been available to schools since 2013 to assess their individual campus and social weaknesses, and to help select recommended proven best practices.  Needed fixes can also receive a kick-start through NSS grants.

So what does the government continue to do? Congress continues to not fund the CDC to study the root causes of gun violence. Congress continues to kowtow to the agenda of the Bloomberg/Soros Gun Ban Lobby. Congress continues to ignore the help offered through the NSS as TAINTED by NRA money.  What Senators Diane Feinstein and now Kamala Harris, and Representative Nancy Pelosi do is to allow tragedies such as the Parkland shooting to occur. Those students did not need to die.

I marched in the San Jose ‘March of Our Lives’ lead by the students of Prospect High where my sons attended. I was dismayed by the student’s hatred of the NRA, where did they learn this?  And, when our local Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren got up to speak, she proudly flaunted her NRA grade of F lapel pin as a badge of honor.  Her laurels actually shout to those understanding hindsight that this F stands for Failure to do meaningful legislation, Failure to support the CDC and Failure to embrace the NSS.  Everyone wearing the Scarlet Failure F has blood on THEIR hands.

The Student’s chant should be: “Hey Hey, Ho Ho, That “F” You Wear Has Got to Go!”

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