2A Help Needed in Los Altos

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During the April 24, 2018 meeting of the Los Altos City Council, extremely restrictive firearms regulations were discussed. The council recommended that the staff look into “certain gun control measures.” This was listed as agenda item #10:

Gun Control: Determine what, if any, actions by the City are appropriate and direct staff accordingly (Staff)


No date was mentioned as to when the staff was expected to present their findings.

We have a report from a GS2AC member that attended the meeting. They reported:

…the staff report only identified three documents from Gifford’s and a fourth item, the city’s firearms codes. There were no links to the documents.

I’d like to get someone to call or visit and get copies of all item 10 docs

City council and city lawyer /staff knew nothing about the content of those documents, as they considered it (their video).

Audience member asked for three even screwier possible ordinances. Council directed staff to look at those three and all items in the Gifford’s package, see what has happened / was done in other cities and finally come back to council with suggestions.

We need someone to keep an eye on the Los Altos and let us know when this staff report rears its ugly head. Please send an email to webmaster@gs2ac.com with your contact information and let us know you will commit to watching for this. All contact information will be held in the strictest confidence. – Fred Hoot, webmaster and VP.

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