Californian Gun Owner Thrown in Jail after Registering Their Assault Rifle

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A farmer complied with California law and registered his assault rifle via the DOJ web site. As requested, he took pictures of his rifle and uploaded them to the DOJ.

Unfortunately, the DOJ decided that the rifle he was registering was an “illegally modified firearm”. This prompted his farm being raided by a DOJ swat team which searched his home. The raiders didn’t just ask for the offending rifle, but they searched the entire house.

Unfortunately, their search uncovered several items that were illegal under the current new California law.

The Conservative Tribune reported:

Jeffrey Scott Kirschenmann, CEO of Kirschenmann Farms, LLC — a chief supplier of the potatoes used by FritoLay to make potato chips — was hit with a dozen felony gun charges by a district attorney on May 17 following a horrifying surprise raid of his home in April…

The raid uncovered a dozen firearms, hundreds of rounds of ammunition, two suppressors and what was described as a “multi-burst trigger activator.”

He was arrested and later released on $150,000 bail.

Kirschenmann is facing 12 felony charges for possession of “assault rifles,” the suppressors and the trigger mechanism.

Who knew that an attempt to comply with the new “assault rifle” registration law would invite in a full-scale raid by armed DOJ agents?

At the March and April GS2AC meetings our friend and attorney Don Kilmer warned us that we should have our firearms reviewed by a competent lawyer who has knowledge of the current California firearms laws before deciding if the law required us to register a particular firearm. Some work-arounds attempting to make a rifle featureless or exempt from registration are not recognized by the California DOJ and could invite them to raid our homes.

BTW, in my humble opinion:
By taking this advice, we would protect ourselves from a DOJ raid and possible felony violations like Jeffrey experienced.
Don Kilmer is an excellent Second Amendment attorney and is well-equipped to guide us through the labyrinth of Machiavellian California firearms laws and regulations.


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