Firearms Ban on Santa Clara County Property – How Did This Happen?

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Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors passed a ‘No Guns on County Property” ordinance, this past Tuesday, May 8th.

At this hearing were no opponents, nor supporters of this ordinance in the audience.

There were No SPEAKER CARDS and NO PUBLIC TESTIMONY. NO pre-litigation Demand Letters.

How Did This Happen???

There were no notices from, nor call to arms alerts from:

Why did I pay for life memberships in most all these Gun Owners Rights groups???

The only items that were in the Agenda packet:

How Did We Eventually Learn About This?

So how did we hear about this, more than two days after it happened? From the recently organized kid’s March For Our Lives San Jose, CA Facebook page!

This is the same youth group that held a gun violence and public safety summit at De Anza Jr College in Cupertino Thursday May 4. That, as far as I know, no one heard about or attended either.

What Can We Do?

Clearly all I need to do is follow the Facebook pages of this youth group, the one of the Brady Campaign To prevent Gun Violence local chapters, that of the Democratic Club of Sunnyvale and those of the Peninsula Peace and Justice Center, the San Jose Peace and Justice Center, and the blogs at Giffords group.

None of those cost me a dime, those would have told me before, and after, about this gun control item and all others occurring locally.

Was this ‘Knowable’?

Well, this ordinance was developed by a Feb 25th vote of the SC Co BOS that directed (remember it was 3 months ago) the SC county staff and attorneys to draft such an ordinance and bring it back. Not maybe bring it back, but (do) bring it back.

This Tuesday May 8th vote’s Brown Act noticed was (properly) posted last Thursday May 3rd.

We Missed It

Yes we missed it too; our poor excuse is that while GS2AC was scrambling to create content and get gun owners to the SC County Guns and Violence Summit on Sat May 5th. Exhausted from that Summit we planned to meet last night to consider a ‘minority report’ of that Summit’s results, where, briefly citizens in attendance were DECIDEDLY NOT SEEKING GUN CONTROL, BUT MANY OTHER REAL SOLUTIONS!

Silly us, we thought we had won the day, but we found out late Wednesday night the ordinance we thought the summit was about was already voted on.

So yes, we missed it too………..

But we don’t charge you money for our best efforts to keep you informed.
And we feed you twice a year too!

How Much did the aforementioned alphabet gun rights groups bring in last year?

And what did they feed you?

Why not write and ask them?

These opinions entirely my own.

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