Old Dogs, Same Old Tricks Bloomberg’s Paid Liars

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Someone once said that old dogs can’t learn new tricks.

When it comes to Liberals,  it’s not a question of can’t learn….  they simply don’t intend to learn.   They are wedded to lying and they like it.

Sadly, the more “educated” the Liberal, the more common the tendency.   This is especially true when they are dependent on a handler like  billionaire Mike Bloomberg who has them rolling over for treats in exchange for money.

Take for example, the recent “updated” “study ” by legal scholars John Donohue and Abhay Aneja and economist Kyle Weber. ” Right-to-Carry Laws and Violent Crime: A Comprehensive Assessment Using Panel Data, the LASSO, and a State-Level Synthetic Controls Analysis” (1)

Originally released June 12 2017, this “updated” study posits that by using new “cutting-edge statistical techniques” they can construct “synthetic control groups” to create predictive models regarding the relationship between right to carry laws and violence.

Based on their use of these tools they conclude that “when states passed right-to-carry laws, violent crime ended up higher than it would have been otherwise.”

Now here’s how this synthetic model works. They take data from 2, 3 or 4 states and extrapolate it to make predictions about gun violence in the rest of the states. Based on this template, they confidently predict that the more people with CCW’s and open carry permits the higher the rates of gun violence and gun deaths will be.

Two problems.   First, they never bother to look at the KNOWN data for CCW and permit holders specifically to determine if they are the ones committing the crimes they are referencing.   They merely take a rate of firearm deaths ( all causes ) and compare it to the level of gun control in that state.   Accordingly, the links between people with CCW’s and the crime rate are nonexistent.   Second, how can you use data from high crime states and impose it on low crime states with no reference to the real data?   For example, let’s say we start with the data for California, New York or Maryland.  Can we use high gun violence jurisdictions to  PREDICT what will happen in Oregon,  Idaho or Alabama?

In fact, these ” researchers ”  are using the same  flawed strategy used by those pushing  the global warming propaganda.    The only ” proof ” for global warming are predictions based on models that rely upon manipulated data .  In fact,  going back to 1975, NONE of the dire predictions of the global warming eco-nazis  has ever come to pass.  And we can’t expect anything better from the pagans who worship at the altar of gun control.

I’ll say it again…. give my dog a lobotomy and it still has more common sense than a Liberal has on their best day.   And better yet,  my dog only bites people who deserve it.

(1) Actually, Guns Do Kill People
The research is now clear: Right-to-carry laws increase the rate of violent crime. By Mike KonczalTwitter APRIL 27, 2018

(2) The flawed and misleading Donohue, Aneja, & Weber Study claiming right-to-carry laws increase violent crime

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