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Ellen’s Restaurant in Dallas Tries to Explain Their Anti-NRA Guest Check

Ellen’s Restaurant in Dallas, Texas found itself in deep merde after pictures of their guest checks went viral. The message at the bottom of the guest checks, usually reserved for “thank you for shopping”, had a more political message. They … Continue reading

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GOC Fundraising Banquet in Pleasanton – Friday July 13th, 2018

WIN GUNS  AND  SUPPORT THE WORK OF THE GUN OWNERS OF CALIF ! Can it get any better than this?    Come to a banquet in Pleasanton…. win guns…. and help the GOC  fight for your rights in Sacramento ! … Continue reading

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Old Dogs, Same Old Tricks Bloomberg’s Paid Liars

Someone once said that old dogs can’t learn new tricks. When it comes to Liberals,  it’s not a question of can’t learn….  they simply don’t intend to learn.   They are wedded to lying and they like it. Sadly, the … Continue reading

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