Primary Election Candidate Scorecard and Voter Guide by the GOC

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The Gun Owners of California Just released the most comprehensive Second Amendment Candidate Scorecard for us here in the anti-2A state of California. Yes, we are fighting the fight to preserve and take back our Second Amendment Civil Rights.

ALL of us need to get out and vote in all elections to try and elect pro-2A congresspersons. Below are two snapshots from the GOC post on May 7, 2018. On page three (complete guide available on the GOC site) there is a list of sheriffs that are worthy of reelection, too!

Sam Parades, the Executive Director of Gun Owners of California, has this bit of advice:

If an elected official supports an anti-gun policy, they have to go. If someone supports a pro-gun policy, we have to work overtime to elect them and keep them in office.

Please go out and vote! Bring your like-minded friends to the polls, too! FACT: if all gun owners in California came out and voted only for pro-Second Amendment politicians, we would turn California into a state that respected our God-given Second Amendment rights!

Click on the images below for full-size pictures.

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