San Carlos Hosts Their Own Firearms Regulations Community Discussions

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Yes, the city or San Carlos joined the foray of cities creating “community discussion groups” to take the pulse of their subjects, I mean citizens, about new firearms regulations. Some of the people backing such “discussions” want outright ban on guns. Others want to ban all rifles except the single-shot bolt action rifles; and the bullet better not be a large caliber, either!

May 10th and May 17th are the dates when the two discussion sessions will be held. San Carlos mailed out a city-wide card telling their residents about these community discussions. Try to attend one of these meetings. Be sure to following the guidelines we posted under the San Carlos 2A Watch page.

If you intend to join the discussion, here is some articles that may be helpful for your preparation:

Santa Clara County recently held a discussion group. And we see a lot more of these in the future spurred on my anti-the usual anti2A groups.

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