Congressman Rho Khanna Is No Friend of the Second Amendment (Video)

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If anyone had thoughts on Rho Khanna being a friend of our constitutional rights, this video definitely dispels that assumption. Don’t look for Congressman Ro Khanna to have your six when it comes to self-defense or bearing arms.

Congressman Khanna organized a “Gun Violence Discussion” held on Monday March 12 at the Newark Memorial High School. Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr, also another adversary of the Second Amendment joined him. With the pending win by the Warriors, this was a well-calculated move to attract many school children and adults who might have had a chance of taking a selfie.

Kerr has over 330,000 Twitter followers, so Rho is milking this for as much as he can to push his anti-gun agenda. Rho said it’s all about getting the kids out there:

“I think he could touch people, not just in our district, but young people across the country,” Khanna said. “I don’t think there’s a high school student out there who doesn’t know who Steve Kerr is!”

A Marjory Stoneman Douglas alumnus, Matt Deitsch, the Director of Community Outreach for Never Again, was also there. His claim to fame is his sister happened to be at school when the evil person killed the students. His sister, be the way, was not one of the victims.

ABC7 reported:

Khanna told reporters Congress is working on the issue of gun violence.

“We’re pushing for a vote. We’re pushing for a vote on background checks, we’re pushing for a vote on banning high capacity magazines, on banning AR-15’s. But right now, to be candid, there has been no vote scheduled and it all depends on Paul Ryan who has the complete power,” said Khanna.

They also reported on the selfie session with Coach Kerr:

After the Q&A session Kerr took time to take pictures with students who overall seemed moved by his words and presence.

There was a Second Amendment supporter, Mark Eberly, who showed up late and missed the meeting. ABC7 did talk with Mark:

“When we don’t have people that are passionate about the other side of it, that can sort of contradict what’s going on in meetings like this then it becomes more of a one sided thing,” said Eberly.

Eberly is concerned about further restricting guns. He said, “There’s a lot of things that can be done, but there’s a lot of laws that are already in place that just haven’t been observed or focused on enough.”

This should be a strong reminder that everyone who cherishes their Second Amendment rights needs to become aware of what is going on and show up early at these events. We need to get our presence noted!

See the video below.

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