Mayors Against Illegal Guns Shooting for All Cities to Sign A Pledge for Them

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The Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG) in cooperation with Everytown for Gun Safety is using the shotgun (or scattergun) approach to spread their venomous lies in California. It looks like every city in the Bay Area has received an email encouraging the Mayors to sign a pledge to work with MAIG in effecting new anti-gun laws.

San Mateo Mayor Tries to Pull a Fast One

The City of San Mateo is the latest to get one of these. It appears the Mayor tried to sneak this pledge into the agenda for a meeting, without giving the three-day notice for public comment as required by the Brown Act.

My Friend M. reports:

Update to San Mateo city council (SMCC) pulling MAIG pledge off agenda altogether.

So there was no explanation at all, they just said it was off consent agenda and would be postponed to a future meeting.

So somehow the mayor got it into the agenda and whoever on the council that objected never let it come up and stopped it between the posting and the meeting.

What the MAIG Pledge Form Requires of the Mayors and Cities

Some of the things they are asked to commit to are:

EXTEND background check requirements to all gun sales, including the private sales that take place between strangers online and at gun shows.

OPPOSE all federal efforts to restrict cities’ right to access, use, and share trace data that is so essential to effective enforcement, or to interfere with the ability of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to combat illegal gun trafficking.

TARGET and hold accountable irresponsible gun dealers who break the law by knowingly selling guns to straw purchasers.

SUPPORT all local, state, and federal legislation that targets illegal guns; coordinate legislative, enforcement, and litigation strategies; and share information and best practices.

INVITE other cities to join us in this national effort.

My Comments


As I am not a Lawyer, any misstatements in my comments are my own fault. These comments are my own and not that of the GS2AC, although I am sure many members will agree with me.

No Firearms Are Illegal

First, let’s set the record straight: There is no such thing as an illegal gun. Before you jump to call me wrong, a criminal breaking the law by possessing a firearm that is not their own, possessing a stolen firearm or even modifying a firearm, such as sawing the barrel off a shotgun or making a semi-automatic firearm into an automatic one, has not created an illegal gun. The firearm isn’t illegal as all it takes is a ream of paperwork, permits and $200 tax stamps to make it legal to own them. Yes, I know of people and companies in California that use and even make fully-automatic weapons, and they have gone through months, or even years to get all the proper permits and the reams of paperwork processed.

What I Believe This Pledge Will Encourage

Their EXTEND item spreads the lie that there is a “gun show loophole” in California. You cannot do a private transfer without going through an FFL and a NICS background search.

The MAIG OPPOSE item wants to let them obtain “trace” information that are performed by the State DOJ, BATFE and Federal agency searches. Much of this data has nothing to do with criminal activity and can allow the cities to obtain personal data that they are not entitled to. They also wish to attack our constitutional rights when, in MAIG’s interpretation, existing and future laws might “interfere with the ability of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives”.

The TARGET item wants the cities to harass and prosecute firearms dealers anytime someone who illegally obtains a firearm gets caught. Another case of blame the firearm (and dealer) instead of going after the person who broke the law. This is the slippery slope towards suing firearm manufacturers.

The SUPPORT item is real dangerous. It encourages the cities to work with MAIG and Everytown lawyers to do whatever they can do to infringe on our Second Amendment and civil rights.

The INVITE item prods the cities to invite other Mayors to commit to infringing on our Second Amendment rights.


See a copy of the MAIG Pledge here:

Pay close attention to the GS2AC website AND our Local Legislation page.

Attend meetings, write letters and phone mayors and council members that attempt to infringe on our Second Amendment Rights!


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