Thank You GS2AC for Years of Friendship and Support

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It is with a sad heart that I need to leave you and move back east. Due to medical work restrictions I will need to move to a more affordable location. I will be moving to my Pennsylvania roots southwest of Philly in Delaware County. (Mark Towber, I may eventually be able to get a CCW there in a 2A-friendly section of the state.)

Thank You

I was deeply touched by the long standing ovation in the packed May meeting hall at Harry’s Hoffbrau when I announced my departure. I thank everyone for their fine words, too. Sam Paredes, the Executive Director of the Gun Owners of California also presented me with a GOC commemorative medallion for my long service as Webmaster and VP of the GS2AC.

There are many more people who have served longer and harder than I. I am grateful for their service. I am also grateful for our hundreds of members that have encouraged me during my tenure.

The GS2AC Web Site

Recent Improvements in the Past Month

We have just added an SSL certificate to make sure all web access is securely encrypted. When you connect, you will see…. that shows your web session is secure.

If you spend some time in a coffee shop, your access to the GS2AC site will be impervious to eavesdropping.

We have vastly improved our Local Legislation page. The cities and counties are listed and will see a red notice if something needs your attention. Clicking on the link will take you to the web page for that city or county. Important information will be posted there. You will also find a link that will take you to that city’s agenda page so you can see what they are planning for yourself.

We have added a “See Something – Say Something” link at the top of our web site. Any of you can now let the GS2AC know about any infringements of our Second Amendment rights via this form. All your information is encrypted as you send it to us. We can then let people know what is happening that needs our attention.

We are starting a 2A City Watch and are asking for volunteers. These volunteers will keep track of the various councils’ agendas and let us know when any anti-2A operations are brewing. If you want to volunteer, send an email to and we will sign you up and give you a secret form on our web site to securely submit your reports.

Transferring the Webmaster Position

Before the end of June I will be transferring the Webmaster position to a knowledgeable person and I am confident they will be able to keep it running smoothly. I will still help out with tasks as a backup and will be writing articles in support of the 2A rights in California. I will also stay in touch with you via the GS2AC blog.

Parting Advice

I offer words of encouragement: Keep up the good fight to preserve our Second Amendment rights.

Please check our web site frequently, especially the Local Legislation page. There is an increasing amount of anti-2A and gun control meetings that are being stirred up right here in our local cities.

If you See Something – Say Something!!!!!

Support your local gun-friendly politicians. Remember that “boots on the ground” is an effective way to help improve our position, especially at the local level (council seats, school board seats, etc.).

Be sure to make sure you register to vote and then vote for pro-Second Amendment politicians.

Like the GOC says “Be ARMED. Be INFORMED. Then VOTE.

I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart.

Fred Hoot

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  1. Thank you for all your good work Fred.
    Best wishes on a smooth and relatively painless passage east.

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