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The general election is rapidly approaching… Tuesday November 6th to be specific.

Many people have asked for opinions on how I plan to vote and it seems appropriate to throw in my two cents .

First, consider your general strategy.

Obviously, If you know someone is a friend of the Second Amendment, vote for that person.

But if there are no 2A candidates listed, vote to minimize the impact of the people who are against us.

For example, if both the incumbent and the challenger are weak on 2A issues, why not just vote for the opponent? At least that way you are making the incumbent suffer for their actions, and potentially stopping them from moving into a higher office in the future.

Another example: if the ballot gives you the option of voting for multiple candidates, only vote for the candidate(s) that are 2A supporters and ignore the rest. Don’t feel obligated for vote for as many as they allow.

On the other hand, if the ballot gives you the option of voting for multiple candidates and none of them are 2A supporters, vote for everyone except the incumbent. This helps us punish incumbents who have not been our friend.

The main idea is to advance our friends and minimize the damage our opponents can do.

That being said, what am I considering for each of the races?

Feinstein not De Leon for US Senate: Neither of them is a friend. But Feinstein is old and feeble. If DeLeon gets in, we could be stuck with him for 3 decades. Also, DeLeon is currently out of office. If he fails in his Senate bid it will likely end his political career.

District 19  vote Aguilera  NOT  Lofgren .   There is only one race where a candidate is clearly Pro-2A. District 19 pits Zoe Lofgren against Justin Aguilera. Aguilera has an A rating from the NRA. He is my choice.

For all of the other Congressional races, I plan to vote against the incumbent. If enough people vote this way, we end the political careers of bad people.

This race pits Cox  against  Newsom. Newson is a self-serving Progressive / Communist who is out to build his career on the graves of gun-owners. Cox is the only choice.

This race pits Steve Bailey against Xavier Becerra for Attorney General. Becerra is just as bad as Newsom and Kamala Harris on 2A issues. Bailey is the best option.

For all the rest of state constitutional races ( Treasurer, Sect of State, etc) I plan to vote against the incumbents and that almost always means against a Democrat. That does not mean I support the opponent. I am voting against the incumbent.

The same holds true for the State Senate and Assembly races. We don’t have any pro-2A people to support. Accordingly, I plan to vote for any opponent to the incumbent.

When it comes to the local races, this is where it can get confusing. Fortunately, in many of the local races there are 2A supporters.


Here are a list people who support 2A rights…

Robert Varich         for Campbell Union High School District (UHSD)
Robert Imhoff        for East Side UHSD
Jennifer Imhoff     for Berryessa Unified School District.
Dion Bracco           for Gilroy City Council
Bob Nunez             for Milpitas Mayor
John Inks               for Mountain View City Coucil
Yan Zhao                for Saratoga City Council
Rishi Kumar          for re-election to Saratoga CC, he most likely stopped the anti 2A                                              ordinance.

George Yang          for Menlo Park City Council   Dist. 1


Here are a list of Local 2A enemies

Glenn Hendricks             Sunnyvale City Council
Gustav Larson                  Sunnyvale City Council
Mary-Lynne Bernald      Saratoga City Council
All incumbents Los Altos City Council
All Incumbents Town of Los Gatos

All  Incumbents of  San Carlos City Council

REMEMBER, if you are given the option of choosing multiple candidates  and none of them are 2A supporters,   vote for anyone OTHER than those who are incumbents.

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