Finally Some Gun Crime Sense in San Jose

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The San Jose police have finally started to get tough on gun crime. They have started referring criminals who commit gun crimes to the Federal court for prosecution. The Federal gun laws have a lot tougher sentences than local and California State courts hand out.

San Jose Councilmember Johnny Khamis of District 9 shared this fact in his January 2019 District News email blast.

Under the heading of Keeping San Jose Safe he says:

These offenders have been getting off with light penalties in State courts due to reductions in mandatory minimum sentencing created by Proposition 57. I am thrilled with this new  approach that San Jose Police Chief Eddie Garcia has implemented to help fix the unintended consequences of recent, voter-approved public safety reforms and keep us safe.

Due to Proposition 57 approved by the liberal feel-good voters (my comment) in California, sentences for gun violations are light and Federal firearm violations are most often ignored by the prosecutors in favor (to the criminals) of plea bargains.

Councilmember Khamis says the FBI may  consider these cases for Federal prosecution:

This Federal prosecution tactic will be strictly focused on the following crimes: armed robberies, armed carjacking, felony arrests for possessing handguns, and drug trafficking. Crimes where a gun was fired, and not fired, but present during the crime, will be treated with the same level of seriousness, because of the potential risk of harm to the community.

Hopefully the criminals will spend more time in prison where they won’t be out on the street on early parole.


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One Response to Finally Some Gun Crime Sense in San Jose

  1. Jess B. Guy says:

    All this means is that the non gun violations (of which California is rampant) will see otherwise law abiding citizens going to federal jail for bump stocks. Get real!

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