Oil And Water Don’t Mix… Neither Does Common Sense And Gun Control

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I had finished my two minutes in front of a  city council.  I had encouraged them to make a dispassionate decision.  To ignore emotion. I asked them to make sure they questioned all the statements being made and to weigh them against known facts.  I asked them to use common sense in making their decision.  I provided each of them with documentation they could easily verify what I was talking about.

After I sat down a young girl got up to speak.  Now we are listening to a teen making a hysterical rant about how unsafe she felt.  I am listening to her make claims that all of her fellow students feel exactly the same way.  I am listening to her talk about the time she had to lock down in place at her school.  She’s talking about being terrified.  How her heart was pounding as suddenly someone was trying to force open the classroom door.  I am listening to her testify that some of the students were even writing a final letter to their parents….  only to later find out this was all just a drill.  She insists that no one should be forced to go through that kind of terror.  I am listening to her insist that ” something” must be done.

I realize that, once again, a pack of elected dopes are going to bend to the whim of emotional pressure and ignore reality.  Once again, gun owners are being made to pay the price for political expediency.  The Second Amendment has been snipped again .  Our right to keep and bear arms is bleeding from another small cut.   One of hundreds.

No matter how many public meetings I go to,  I hear the same things from the people in favor of gun control.

They say they can’t understand why gun owners object to ” common sense ” gun laws.  And I tell them that gun owners are waiting for someone to propose something that makes common sense.

I hear them talk about the 7  children that are killed each day by guns.  And I tell them that gang bangers over the age of 18 are not children.

I hear them say that assault weapons should be banned because they can’t be used for hunting.  And I tell them the Second Amendment doesn’t protect a right to hunt,  it protects us from violent governments…. you know, like the one called Nazi Germany.

I hear them talk about how many suicides there are.  And I tell them banning guns won’t stop someone from jumping off a bridge.

I hear them talk about how assault weapons can’t be used for self defense.  And I tell them about the guy in Texas that stopped a church massacre with his AR.

I hear them say  the founders never planned on protecting modern guns.  And I tell them they didn’t plan on radios, TV’s, computers and any of the other things protected by the First Amendment.

I hear them talk about how we would all be safer by making sure all guns are locked up. And I tell them when seconds count, the police are minutes away.

But they don’t hear. They can’t hear.  They are blinded by a belief system that has no connection to reality.  What they want to believe, shapes what they see.  And the data they use is just an excuse for something they have already decided.

So why would any gun owner go along with anything they propose?

Oil and water do not mix. Neither do  constitutional rights and hysterical pleas for gun control.  There is no middle ground. There is no compromise.  It is one or the other.

Later on as I was leaving the meeting, I noticed the teen.  She was huddled together with the phony pastor and some of the others in the gun control contingent.  As I passed by I came within hearing distance.  ”  How did I do mom? ”  ” You’re getting really good at this…. just like we talked about.”

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