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2018 GS2AC Officers

President:              Mark S. Towber


Vice President:    Jeff Stoesser


Treasurer:            Daryn Baker




Organizational Structure

The GS2AC is organized as a voluntary association of firearms rights advocates, hunters, and supporters of the shooting sports. The GS2AC is a wholly independent organization and shall not be subordinate to any other firearms rights organization. The GS2AC will operate on a not-for-profit basis and is established accordingly.

About the GS2AC

The Golden State Second Amendment Council is an independent firearms rights organization dedicated to the advancement of the right to keep and bear arms in California. Formerly organized as the NRA Members’ Council of Silicon Valley, we have reformed ourselves as an affiliation of Second Amendment activists in order to do those things a Member’s Council generally can not. In summary, there is a void to be filled in the firearms rights community and we seek to fill it.
Our core concern is that the Second Amendment community must go on the offensive if we are to retain our right to bear arms in this state. We want to play a part in that battle and intend to do so in a number of ways. For example, currently there is very little cross-organizational communication between the various Second Amendment groups.

We intend to operate as a conduit to stimulate this communication and coordinate activities. Also, we are convinced that broadening public support for the right to keep and bear arms is critical to our objectives. We will adhere to a philosophy of being open to the public and encourage public discussion and involvement. Specific goals for the GS2AC include the attempt to amend the state constitution via the initiative process.

We invite your involvement, comments and suggestions. We want to extend an invitation for you to be a part of our information network.

Meetings are generally held the final Thursday of every month except December. We meet at Harry’s Hoffbrau in San Jose, California. Click Here for a map in PDF format. (408) 243-0434. Meetings start at 7:00 P.M., but we welcome you to come early at 6:00 P.M. and enjoy the no-host dinner. Check our calendar for meeting speakers and events.


Golden State Second Amendment Council History

To understand the history of the GS2AC, one must first know its founders and foundations.

In 1994, Mike Varner, along with Daryl Davis, Jeff Klopotic, Don Kilmer, Alan Denny, Mike Schrader, Dennis Blair, organized to oppose an attempt by the San Jose City Council to ban ammunition sales in the city of San Jose. Under Mike’s leadership, these core members formed the NRA Members Council of Silicon Valley and began a grass roots effort to impact political events in the Santa Clara Valley.

Between it’s founding and the summer of 2003, this organization actively and successfully beat back several attempts by local governmental agencies to restrict firearms freedoms. And during that period of time the NRA MC of Silicon Valley grew to the point where over 2,400 names were registered on our contact lists and monthly meetings were attended by up to 150 people on a regular basis.

Unfortunately, during this same period of time, changes were implemented to the NRA MC Program contract under which we were obligated to operate. These changes removed many of the freedoms which we had utilized to be an effective organization. For example, contact with the media became strictly regulated. Our ability to coordinate with other 2nd amendment organizations as well as other NRA MC Chapters became limited. Our commitment to the strict confidentiality of our members list became jeopardized . And meetings were now no longer open to the public.

These changes initiated a debate within the leadership of the MC of Silicon Valley to decide if we could continue on as an effective organization in this environment. After several months of discussion, this debate was presented to the general membership for consideration and a vote. On Thursday 21 Aug 2003, over 90% voted in favor of dissolving our affiliation with the MC Program.

Shortly thereafter, we re-formed ourselves as the Golden State Second Amendment Council.

Since that time, the GS2AC has grown and prospered. We have hosted such luminaries as Alan Gottlieb of the Second Amendment Foundation, Sam Peredes of the Gun Owners of California and the Director of Firearms Enforcement in California, Randy Rossi. Our contact list continues to grow and we are financially sound. Key social events include our annual Mesquite and Skeet BBQ and our Big November Fundraiser. We continue to support the Silicon Valley Youth Airgun Safety Range at gun shows and support local election efforts as volunteers.

The future of the GS2AC is bright. And we have every reason to believe that new chapters of the GS2AC will be born in other counties as the years unfold.

We welcome the opportunity to meet you and look forward to having you attend one of our monthly meetings.

Mark S Towber

3 Responses to About

  1. Jim Williams says:

    I am a poster child for what is wrong with CCW permitting in California.

    My CCW was refused by San Mateo County, pending appeal. My appeal was denied. No reason was given other than I do not meet the criteria for CCW.

    The facts may astonish you.

    Briefly, I am an independent trader in precious metal coins and jewelry. Some transactions are for more than $25,000. The application included receipts to prove the amounts and frequency of trades. In my application I detailed how I believe I was followed after a transaction and I have pictures of the subjects. That is the basis for my desire for CCW, to protect my life and my property.

    Character is a known criterion for granting a permit. I am a decorated Army Infantryman Sergeant, married 46 years, two children, business owner, never arrested, graduate of DePaul University, graduate of San Mateo County Citizen’s Academy (we met and you signed my commendation), graduate of FBI Citizen’s Academy, a San Mateo County Sheriff’s Volunteer in Policing (drive a patrol car), member of CERT, member of San Mateo County Coastside Emergency Corps, member of San Mateo County Sheriff Communication Unit (HAM), and coordinator of Neighborhood Watch. I think I have the character criteria covered.

    It took seven months after my initial interview and application for the Sheriff’s Office to respond to my two written requests for status.

    After the appeal interview, where I showed the Lt. and The Public Safety Officer more than $6000 in gold and silver coins and diamonds to demonstrate the kind of risk I run trading, I received a call from the Office saying my appeal had been approved . We set an appointment for April 30 to pay the balance of the fees and May 17 to begin the required County firearms training. *

    Two days later the Lt. called me back to say that it was all a mistake and my appeal was not approved! I asked how I could appeal further and was told that there was none. Again I was told I do not meet the criteria.

    My choices are to continue trading with no personal protection or to become a criminal and carry without a permit.

    So I appeal to you, do you have recommendations for my situation? Legal, political, media?

    Jim Williams
    *I have more than 100 hours of Defensive Handgun training from Front Sight Academy plus Army firearms training with certificates.

  2. Ken Humble says:


    Are we sending any well-spoken representatives to this firearms safety summit to fully represent our side of the issue?

  3. Fred Hoot says:

    We are preparing an email blast to get our members to attend.

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