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What would make right-wingers support gun control?

The above question was posed and Adam H. came up with a great answer. I have to share it with you! Related posts: How low can you go? Just ask the gun control community. How low can you go part … Continue reading

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Actually, Owning a Gun IS Necessary (and gun control gets in the way)

  Under American law, an individual does not have a right to police protection. Police are to protect the public in general. Suing a municipality for failing to provide police protection will lose in court for this very reason. However, … Continue reading

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What If Only Members of the Well-Regulated Militia Had Firearms?

What would happen if SCOTUS were to rule that the right to keep and bear arms is to be limited only to those people who are members of the well-regulated militia? Interestingly enough they already have ruled on this about … Continue reading

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Why do gun owners get offended when foreigners criticize America’s gun laws and culture?

Our friend and member, Jeff Klopotic, had a great answer to this question posted on Quora on January 29, 2018: Here is what Jeff said: Because they have the exact same problems in their respective countries but for some reason … Continue reading

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Holster Safety Is Important [graphic video]

Derek “Tex” Grebner is an experienced firearms owner.  He shares this negligent discharge video to show how different equipment combinations can have disastrous results. Related posts: Police officer accidentally fires gun – bullet hits his chest Exploding Bullets Cause Bomb … Continue reading

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Oxford English Dictionary Definition of “Arms” as Weapons

The following reproduction of the definiton of “arms” comes from  Definition 2, Col. 2, p.449,  Vol 1 of 12, Oxford English Dictionary, Oxford University Press, 1978. I believe it is important to note the definition of this term, especially in light … Continue reading

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Registration Leads to Confiscation

The following is evidence that registration lists have been used to confiscate guns since at least 2007 in Santa Clara County, California. SouthBay Gun sweep: Finding illegal Owners is No Easy Task By Mark Gomez San Jose Mercury News … Continue reading

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HR 35 – Repeal Gun Free School Zones Law

This bill calls for repealing the Gun Free Schools Act which would enable teachers and administrators to carry concealed. If you are interested in supporting HR 35, contact either Rep. Steve Stockman at 202-225-1555 or Rep.Broun’s office at 202-225-4101. HR … Continue reading

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