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Congress Woman Anna Eshoo Does Not Know the U.S. Constitution!

I received the following email from Anna Eshoo, my representative in Congress. This was a response to a request to her not to support the gun bans that are before congress right now. After this letter I have posted my … Continue reading

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The Real Reason for Universal Background Checks

We are hearing calls from President Obama for universal background checks and no private firearms transfers. The real reason for universal background checks is not to make sure bad people are not getting guns. Any idiot knows that can’t be … Continue reading

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My Observations on the Oral Arguments for the CCW cases before the 9th Circuit

First of all, if you didn’t attend the court session then you missed a very interesting hearing and fun luncheon hosted by Calguns. We had the privilege of hearing both Paul Clement and Alan Gura (the rock star of the … Continue reading

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Costas and NBC Sports Should Be Ashamed

NBC Sports, I suggest you have Costas talk about sports instead of subjects for which he has no knowledge. It was a shameful display of stupidity, when he used the tragedy of the NFL player’s murder/suicide episode to promote his … Continue reading

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CNBC vs. the Remington 700

On October 20, CNBC ran a very emotional investigative reporting piece on the Remington 700 bolt action rifle. Their claim is that the gun misfires frequently and causes serious injury and in a couple cases death. For the CNBC piece … Continue reading

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An open letter to the California State Legislature and Arnold Schwarzenegger, Governor of California

On June 26, 2008, one week plus a day before our nations 232nd birthday, the US Supreme Court affirmed the right that Americans have had since before the government was formed, the right to bear arms. The second amendment to … Continue reading

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School Unsafe Due to Image on Shirt?

The silly news today is that a student in Pennsylvania was suspended from school for wearing a tee shirt with the image of a gun. See,2933,336793,00.html The article says that the school is trying to ensure a safe environment. … Continue reading

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Congress Can Give Us a Real Solution

The latest news in the gun rights movement that has everyone excited is the amicus brief to the Supreme Court submitted from congress in support of the DC District Court decision in striking down DC’s gun ban. We hope this … Continue reading

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Letter from Dianne Feinstein on Michael Sullivan’s Director of BATFE Nomination

Took her awhile to respond. I have no confidence she will do the right thing since she is a gun banner through and through. – GS2AC Secretary John Jorgensen. —– Forwarded Message —- From: “” <> Sent: Thursday, February 14, … Continue reading

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Spend, Spend, Spend and Spend more

by John Jorgensen [Origionally posted 2/3/2008 – imported from old blog] The feds are seriously thinking of returning some of the tax money that they extracted from us last year to get folks to spend money so as to delay … Continue reading

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