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The general election is rapidly approaching… Tuesday November 6th to be specific. Many people have asked for opinions on how I plan to vote and it seems appropriate to throw in my two cents . First, consider your general strategy. … Continue reading

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Old Dogs, Same Old Tricks Bloomberg’s Paid Liars

Someone once said that old dogs can’t learn new tricks. When it comes to Liberals,  it’s not a question of can’t learn….  they simply don’t intend to learn.   They are wedded to lying and they like it. Sadly, the … Continue reading

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CA CCW Map by County put up a very informative map breaking down the difficulty of obtaining a CCW (Concealed Carry Weapons) permit. If you live in Santa Clara County, Alameda County of Santa Cruz County, it takes a miracle to get a CCW. … Continue reading

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The mental health problems of murderers and gun control advocates.

The title of Eugene Robinson’s editorial dated Feb 16 2018,  was ” The Issue Is Not Mental Health, It’s Guns “.   In it, the prolific foolishness of Eugene Robinson was on full display. Worse than that, it demonstrated that … Continue reading

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We Need Mandatory Universal Background Checks

I have been a staunch opponent of mandatory background checks. I have believed that gun owners should not be subjected to this invasion of their privacy based on nothing more than the suspicion that someone might be a criminal. But … Continue reading

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Help Save Turner’s Outdoorsman Store in San Carlos

CALLING ALL GUN OWNERS! Save Turner’s Gun Store in San Carlos! 7PM Mon. Nov. 13 Here we go again! A sporting goods store gets approval to open its doors and a few well organized anti-gunners are now on a campaign … Continue reading

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The real cancer is not in the Constitution

Tim Egan of the New York Times writes in his editorial of Oct 6th that the Second Amendment is a cancer within the Constitution. Quote: ” The Second Amendment, as applied in the last 30 years or so, has become … Continue reading

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How low can you go part 2 Ask Jimmy Kimmel

In response to the the recent massacre in Las Vegas, Jimmy Kimmel used his TV show on Monday Oct 2nd. to launch into a diatribe about gun violence in the United States. And he laid the blame for the Las … Continue reading

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How low can you go? Just ask the gun control community.

Las Vegas. Sunday Night . Country music concert. He reserved his room at the Mandalay Bay Hotel several days in advance. He lugged at least 10 weapons and over a thousand rounds of ammo up to his room on the … Continue reading

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Illiteracy and the assault on gun rights

When talking with advocates of gun control I try and find a way to have an intelligent and impactful discussion. Unfortunately, the results of those conversations have little to do with how respectful and even-toned the communication. Over the years … Continue reading

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