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Firearms Ban on Santa Clara County Property – How Did This Happen?

Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors passed a ‘No Guns on County Property” ordinance, this past Tuesday, May 8th. At this hearing were no opponents, nor supporters of this ordinance in the audience. There were No SPEAKER CARDS and NO … Continue reading

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Becoming an Outdoors Woman

I received this email and thought it would be helpful for all the women that are interested in shooting or want to try it out. Hello Outdoors Women! It is that time of year for our spring newsletter… For any … Continue reading

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AB 60 CA Drivers License SNAFU Spells Trouble for Buying a Firearm

Concerning the Real-ID vs AB 60 CA drivers licenses, we last heard that ATF would accept the ones with “Federal Limits Apply” on the front only, as long as the back didn’t also declare you a non-citizen. For those of … Continue reading

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San Jose City Council committee moves gun control forward

As usual the press and the newly (re)organized Measure C proponents, now called Safe Cities Coalition of Santa Clara County were all aware of it, but not the  public, because they have never stopped pushing this. SJ Mercury News lists … Continue reading

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SB 53 Ammunition license / registration bill passes to Assembly floor vote

This is the last stop before the governor. The bill would require you to get a DOJ permit, good for 2 years and all ammo sales would be face to face with all your info and a thumb print required … Continue reading

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City, City Bang, Bang

By Chuck Michel | Published March 6, 2014 San Antonio, Texas is a sizable city with about 1.4 million inhabitants. As is common in bigger metro areas, San Antonio has a bigger crime problem. Their homicide rate is about 30% … Continue reading

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City Watch Groups Forming – Training

With the February 8th Gun Control Summit in Mountain View we now have a list of the cities, mostly with gun stores, that are the next targets of the SC Co Democrats for ‘Sunnyvale” and Los Gatos style gun control … Continue reading

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Active Targets for Gun Control Local Ordinances / Ballot Measures

This comes from our friend Mike Schrader of GunShot News. Mountain View     Menlo Park      Campbell            Milpitas Los Altos                 Palo Alto           San Jose              Los Gatos (Measure … Continue reading

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