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Most Important Legislation!

Updated 2/26/2019 by GS2AC.


AB12, sponsored by Assembly Member Jacqui Irwin (D-44), would extend the duration of California’s gun violence restraining order law from one year to five. Meaning a person could be prohibited from owning and possessing firearms for five years at a time without ever being adjudicated mentally ill or convicted of a crime, but based on third party allegations.

AB18, sponsored by Assembly Member Marc Levine (D-10), would impose an excise tax on handguns and semi-automatic firearms.

AB61, sponsored by Assembly Member Philip Ting (D-19), would expand the list of those eligible to file gun violence restraining orders (GVRO) beyond the currently authorized reporters which include immediate family and law enforcement.

AB276, sponsored by Assembly Member Laura Friedman (D-43), and Senate Bill 172, sponsored by Senator Anthony Portantino (D-25) would modify California’s already existing storage laws, which include a patchwork of local restrictions in addition to requiring firearms be inaccessible to both minors and prohibited persons, by providing additional storage requirements and significantly enhanced criminal penalties for failure to comply.

AB688, sponsored by Assembly Member Kansen Chu (D-25) would place additional storage requirements for all firearms when left in an unattended vehicle.

AB879, sponsored by Assembly Member Mike Gipson (D-64), would require precursor firearms parts to be sold/transferred through a licensed precursor parts dealer in a similar process to the new laws regarding ammunition purchases. It would further create a new crime for transfer of precursor parts without the involvement of a licensed precursor parts dealer to anyone under 21 years of age or prohibited from owning firearms. Precursor parts include items such as barrels, ammunition feedings devices and upper receivers.

Assembly Bill 893, sponsored by Assembly Member Todd Gloria (D-78), would prohibit the sale of firearms and ammunition at the Del Mar Fairgrounds property on and after January 1, 2021.

AB1064, sponsored by Assembly Member Al Muratsuchi (D-66), would place further restrictions on licensed firearms dealers, including prohibiting a residence as a place of business for licensees, allows localities to place further restrictions on where licensees may operate, requires licensees to carry insurance of at least $1 million in coverage per incident and requires extensive recording of a licensees premise to include video surveillance system that, among other requirements, visually records and archives footage of (1) every sale or transfer of a firearm or ammunition, in a manner that includes audio recording (2) all places where firearms or ammunition are stored, displayed, carried, handled, sold, or transferred; (3) the immediate exterior surroundings of the licensee’s business premises; and (4) all parking areas owned or leased by the licensee.

AB1297, sponsored by Assembly Member Kevin McCarty (D-7), would remove the cap on fees for CCW permits and require the issuing authority to charge an amount to cover the costs of not processing and issuance of the license but also enforcement.

AB1602, sponsored by Assembly Member Evan Low (D-28), would prohibit an insurer from either selling or advertising liability coverage for bodily injury or property damage resulting from the insured’s discharge of a personal firearm.

Assembly Joint Resolution 4, sponsored by Cecilia Aguiar-Curry (D-4) would encourage Congress to adopt the Background Checks Act of 2019.

Assembly Joint Resolution 5, sponsored by Reggie Jones-Sawyer (D-59) would urge the federal government to adopt universal firearm laws using California as an example.

SB281, sponsored by Senator Scott Wiener (D-11), would prohibit the sale of firearms and ammunition at the Cow Palace on and after January 1, 2020.


AB 3 (BONTA) –  DIED – Prohibits the sale of all firearms to people under the age of 21. It even prohibits giving ammunition to anyone under 21 by anyone: “Supplies, delivers, or gives possession of any ammunition to any minor who the person, corporation, or dealer knows…” and says it “shall be punished by imprisonment in a county jail for a term not to exceed six months, or by a fine not to exceed one thousand dollars ($1,000), or by both…” Check here for the current status of AB 3.

AB 986 (GALLAGHER) – DIED – Hunting and sport fishing licenses: sport fishing license duration: reduction in license fees for veterans – This bill reduces hunting license fees by 25% for veterans. Check here for the current status of AB 986.

AB 1872 (VOEPEL) – SIGNED – AB1872 does nothing to improve the right to bear arms for law-abiding California citizens. Furthermore, it Adds more exemptions for certain government employees and complicates the already burdensome California Safe Handgun Roster for dealers. Check here for the current status of AB 1872.


AB 2103 (GLORIA) – SIGNED – License to Carry Concealed – AB 2103 makes it even harder to get a CCW permit by requiring additional requirements above what is already required. Check here for the current status of AB 2103.

AB 2151 (GRAY) – SIGNED! Hunting: antelope, elk, wild pig, bear, and bighorn ram tags – 3rd Reading in Assembly. AB 2151 reduces the tag fees for young hunters, making hunting more affordable for our youth. Check here for the current status of AB 2151.



AB 2888 (TING) – VETOED by Governor – Gun violence restraining orders. This bill makes it easier for someone to report a person and have them banned from buying or possessing a firearm or ammunition for one year. This bill states that “An immediate family member, an employer, a coworker, an employee of a secondary or postsecondary school that the person has attended in the last six months” can report anyone and have them banned from owning a gun or ammunition for one year. This bill is prone to abuse by those mentioned above. Check here for the current status of AB 2888.

AB 3199 (HOLDEN) – DIED – Charitable raffles: firearms. This law prevents the raffling or auctioning of firearms. This is a direct attack on the Friends of the NRA, Ducks Unlimited, California Waterfowl, Gun Owners of California and other organizations that support the Second Amendment. Check here for the current status of AB 1872.

SB 459 (PORTANTINO) – DIED – Passed Senate on 1/29/2018. Requires the California DOJ to inspect all FFL dealers every two years. Will add additional burden to California firearms dealers who are already subject to inspections at unspecified times. Full Text of SB 459.

SB 1092 (ANDERSON) – DIED – Firearms: silencers –  This bill would allow sound suppressors (silencers) to be used with firearms with barrels of 16 inches or longer. It would still keep suppressors illegal for firearms with barrels less than 16 inches. Get the current status of this bill here.

SB 1185 (HILL) – DIED – Firearms: law enforcement agencies: agency firearm accounting. This bill requires law enforcement agencies to write a procedure to report all firearm transactions, including all stolen, lost and otherwise acquired or discarded. It also requires the state pay for all the costs of developing the procedures and additional record-keeping costs for every police agency throughout the state.  Get the current status of this bill here.

SB 1200 (SKINNER) – SIGNED by Governor – An Act Relating to Firearms – Changes “firearm or ammunition” to “firearm, firearm part or component, ammunition, or magazine” in relation to restraining orders. “This bill would expand the definition of a firearm for these purposes to include firearms parts and components, which the bill would further define as unassembled parts and components of a firearm that are clearly designed and intended to be used to assemble a functional weapon, and would expand the definition of ammunition to include a magazine.” Re-referred to the Senate Appropriations Committee Get the current status of this bill here.

SB 1346 (JACKSON) – SIGNED by Governor – Multiburst trigger activators – Get the current status of this bill here.

SB 1382 (VIDAK) – SIGNED by Governor – Firearms: vehicle storage – This bill would allow people to store firearms in a utility or tool box that is attached to the bed of a pickup truck. This would be great for hunters and people who own a pickup truck to legally store and transport their firearms. Get the current status of this bill here.

AB 2860 (ALLEN) – Firearms: unsafe handguns – Failed passage from Assembly Public Safety Committee. AB 2860 eliminates the DOJ roster of safe handguns. Check here for the current status of AB 2860.

AB 1958 (SILVA) – Firearms: silencers – Act now and contact the Assembly Public Safety Committee and urge them to approve this bill.   Hearing canceled at the request of author. AB 1958 would allow for an exemption for “the sale or other transfer of silencers in interstate or foreign commerce to a person or entity outside of this state by dealers or manufacturers registered under federal law from the prohibition on possessing silencers, if the sale or other transfer is in accordance with federal law.” Check here for the current status of AB 1958.

AB 1931 (FONG) – Licenses to Carry Concealed Firearms – Died in committee. AB 1931 increases the duration of a CCW from 2 years to 5 years. It saves California money and time. Check here for the current status of AB 1931.

AB 1932 (FONG) – Licenses to Carry Concealed Firearms – Died in committee.  AB 1932 requires the DOJ to furnish that background check report to the licensing authority within 60 days of receipt of the fingerprints and fee. Check here for the current status of AB 1932. It looks like this bill may be dead.

AB 2733 (HARPER) – Firearms: unsafe handguns: imprinting – Died in committee. AB 2733 Eliminates the microstamping requirement for new handguns. Microstamping is not a reliable means if identification of a firearm from expended shell casings. Check here for the current status of AB 2733.

SB 710 (ANDERSON) – Senate Committee on Public Safety – The Senate Committee on Public Safety failed to pass this bill after a hearing on January 9, 2018. This bill would have deleted the felony prohibition on possession of a silencer and would have authorized an individual in lawful possession of a device that will silence, suppress, or muffle the sound or natural report of a firearm when the firearm is discharged to use that device to hunt a bird, mammal, fish, reptile, or amphibian for which the individual is licensed if the firearm to which the device is attached is lawfully possessed. Full text of SB 710.

AB 1394 – (ALLEN) – Senate Committee on Public Safety – The Assembly Public Safety Committee failed to pass this legislation after a hearing on January 9, 2018. Removed the “good cause” requirement in the issuance of a CCW. Full Text of AB 1394.



AB 736 (GIPSON) – Senate Appropriations – In committee, held under submission: Act now and contact the Senate Appropriations Committee. Allows the Department of Justice to impose a fine for a violation of firearms licensing requirements committed by a licensed firearms dealer.

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