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Obama Administration Targets Firearms of Social Security Recipients

If you receive Social Security benefits (which you also put your hard-earned money into the SS system in order to gain this payback) you may be among the millions of Americans whose Right to Bear (and own) firearms is in … Continue reading

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Court Ruling Helps Ease California CCW Restrictions

Today, November 12, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that no additional parties may join the law suit against the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department. When the Peruta v. County of San Diego case was won in favor … Continue reading

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Gun Ban Senator Caught Drunk with Firearm in Public

On Monday, October 20, Missouri State Senator Jamilah Nasheed was arrested for being intoxicated in public at a demonstration while protesting the recent police shooting in Ferguson, MO. She came well prepared to protest the shooting by carrying her own … Continue reading

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Criminal Defies Home Depot Ban on Guns

On July 28th, a criminal entered the Home Depot store in Hayward, California.  He proceeded to load up a cart full of tools and then tried to steal the loot.  When two loss prevention officers attempted to arrest the thief, … Continue reading

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TSA Backtracks on Allowing Small Knives or Aircraft

Well the TSA, in their infinite wisdom has decided not to allow small knives, tweezers, scissors, baseball bats and other such objects that are currently on the banned list. John Pistole (great name for a TSA Administrator) had said he … Continue reading

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Senator Dianne Feinstein Says She Owns No Guns

USA Today published a Poll on firearm ownership in Congress on Monday, February 4th.  The anti-gun Senator from California behind the assault weapons ban, Dianne Feinstein, claimed she did not own a firearm. Here is documented testimony directly from Senator … Continue reading

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My Observations on the Oral Arguments for the CCW cases before the 9th Circuit

First of all, if you didn’t attend the court session then you missed a very interesting hearing and fun luncheon hosted by Calguns. We had the privilege of hearing both Paul Clement and Alan Gura (the rock star of the … Continue reading

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Show your support for the Second Amendment on Valentine’s Day

The anti-gun movement is trying a boycott of Starbucks because they allow open and concealed carry of firearms in all stores as long as people abide by the state laws at the Starbucks. We are staging a “Thank You for … Continue reading

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Know what gun laws you need to obey when travelling

A woman with valid CCW in Tennessee asked police officers at the WTC Memorial in NYC where she could check her pistol.  She saw the “No Guns” sign and assumed there was a place to check her weapon like in … Continue reading

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California needs more sheriffs like Sheriff Chuck Wright

California is well known for it’s coddling of criminals and forcing its residents into vulnerable positions.  Sheriff Chuck Wright of Spartanburg County, South Carolina is fed up with criminals continually being released to commit more crimes. Walter Lance was the … Continue reading

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