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Interesting way to reduce gun violence

A police department and a county prosecutor have put their heads together and came up with an interesting way to reduce gun violence.  They are concentrating on the people who are illegally using weapons to commit crimes. People with guns … Continue reading

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Guns Attract Bullets

This makes me wish I had not been born in Philadelphia.  Charles Branas, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania, must be a gun-banner.  I would bet if you picked a professor at random from any public college, you would … Continue reading

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Emotional Attack on the Second Amendment

by Fred Hoot [Origionally posted 12/23/2007 – imported from old blog] There is some very sad news and some good news that I have to tell you. The Virginia Tech shootings that took place on the “Gun-Free Zone” of the … Continue reading

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A Testament to Gun Control

Liberals Impose Gun Control on Campus and 32 Students Pay the Price Virginia Tech is an institution that had proudly banned firearms on campus.  Even the regular campus police officers did not carry them. And then someone decided to ignore … Continue reading

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