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Old Dogs, Same Old Tricks Bloomberg’s Paid Liars

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Someone once said that old dogs can’t learn new tricks. When it comes to Liberals,  it’s not a question of can’t learn….  they simply don’t intend to learn.   They are wedded to lying and they … Continue reading

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Front Sight Firearms Training Institute Will Train Teachers for Free!

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn I received this email from Front Sight. Nearly 20 years ago, Front Sight was training teachers for free. This started right after the Columbine High School shooting. They are still doing it – FOR FREE. Below is … Continue reading

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HR 4909 STOP School Violence Act of 2018 Actually Makes Schools More Dangerous

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn HR 4909 actually makes schools less safe and will probably create more violence. This piece of misguided legislation even has some congressmen that are usually pro-Second Amendment jumping to the gun control side. Let’s look at … Continue reading

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Irresponsible Person Gives Responsible Gun Owners a Bad Name

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Actually, José Gutierrez was a criminal (more about this later) before he fired (allegedly) a rifle in his back yard on Saturday, February 24th at approximately 11 pm. A neighbor had a party going on that … Continue reading

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Anti-social Behavior by a Felon Gives Law-abiding Gun Owners a Black Eye

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Last Friday, February 23, a man and a woman from Tarboro found someone sitting in their seats at a movie theater. An argument ensued. Instead of jetting an usher or the manager to settle the dispute, … Continue reading

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A Good Guy with a Gun Beats Evil Only When He or She Acts

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn An evil adult slaughtered 17 innocent children and adults at the Stoneman Douglas High School on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2018. The shooter should have been stopped as the school, local authorities and even the FBI … Continue reading

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FBI Admits Culpability in School Shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Today, February 16, the FBI publicly admitted that they had dropped the ball in investigating Nikolas Cruz. The FBI was first informed on January 5th that Cruz had been threatening to shoot up schools and police … Continue reading

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How low can you go part 2 Ask Jimmy Kimmel

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn In response to the the recent massacre in Las Vegas, Jimmy Kimmel used his TV show on Monday Oct 2nd. to launch into a diatribe about gun violence in the United States. And he laid the … Continue reading

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How low can you go? Just ask the gun control community.

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Las Vegas. Sunday Night . Country music concert. He reserved his room at the Mandalay Bay Hotel several days in advance. He lugged at least 10 weapons and over a thousand rounds of ammo up to … Continue reading

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People with Mental Health Issues Are Not Risks with Firearms

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn The FBI did a study in 2009 that shows people with mental health issues are not more of a risk for violence or firearms misuse than others. In other words, denying people ownership of firearms for … Continue reading

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