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If you can’t trust government with the small things, can you trust them with your rights?

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn This is no joke. I could not have made this up if I tried to. Recently, the County of Los Angeles passed a law BANNING the following at public beaches ……. throwing Frisbees, throwing footballs and … Continue reading

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Get Up Off Your Butt and Register to Vote!

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn What are you going to do when the government tells you what to buy?  Well, there is not anything meaningful you can do – you will have to buy medical insurance.  If you didn’t vote, you … Continue reading

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School Unsafe Due to Image on Shirt?

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn The silly news today is that a student in Pennsylvania was suspended from school for wearing a tee shirt with the image of a gun. See,2933,336793,00.html The article says that the school is trying to … Continue reading

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