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People with violent names are asked to leave New Jersey has reported on a new law in New Jersey that is forcing people with names that can be construed as promoting violence to move out of state within 30 days. Alternatively, they can legally change their names. 527 have … Continue reading

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California Legal Plastic Asalt Rifle Fires 50 Shots Before Reloading [video]

Finally, somebody figured out a way around the California law against large capacity firearms and assault rifles!  Be sure to pre-order yours today, as Dianne Feinstein is sure to come and collect them before too long. This Bugasalt rifle is … Continue reading

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Daughter disses parents on Facebook – Father shoots laptop and posts on Facebook

It looks like a case of tit-for-tat mixed with some child discipline and recreational shooting.  It all started with the daughter posting a pretty bad post about her parents on her Facebook. She then asked her father to repair her … Continue reading

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It’s the Deer, My Dear

by Fred Hoot [Origionally posted 12/20/2007 – imported from old blog] Every year, hunters take to the roads in hopes of bagging their own seasonal favorite.  Some go for duck.  Some go for quail.  High on the list of some … Continue reading

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