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GS2AC Meeting Thursday February 27th

CALIF CCW LAW OVERTURNED !!!!! The 9th Circuit Court recently ruled against California’s CCW laws! On hand at our next meeting will be one of the attorneys involved with that VICTORY! Don Kilmer, civil rights attorney and 2nd Amendment defender … Continue reading

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The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Shoots Down California’s Concealed Carry Restrictions

The Federal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals just shot down California’s Good Cause requirement for obtaining a CCW (Concealed Carry Weapons) permit.  The “good cause” requirement enabled police and sheriff agencies to turn down self-defense as not meeting the good … Continue reading

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Calguns Wins and Gets Check from Merced County for Over $9K

Nearly two years after filing a lawsuit against the Merced County Sheriff (Michelle Rossow, et al. v. County of Merced and Merced Sheriff Mark Pazin) the Calguns Foundation received a check for $9,250.47.  The check was for attorney’s fees. Related … Continue reading

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Oxford English Dictionary Definition of “Arms” as Weapons

The following reproduction of the definiton of “arms” comes from  Definition 2, Col. 2, p.449,  Vol 1 of 12, Oxford English Dictionary, Oxford University Press, 1978. I believe it is important to note the definition of this term, especially in light … Continue reading

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Defend Yourself Go To Prison for Life

I have seen this reported in several places and Brad, a member of the GS2AC thought we should post it.  What follows could happen in the United States. Here judges release murderers early, but really nail Second Amendment supporters to … Continue reading

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My Observations on the Oral Arguments for the CCW cases before the 9th Circuit

First of all, if you didn’t attend the court session then you missed a very interesting hearing and fun luncheon hosted by Calguns. We had the privilege of hearing both Paul Clement and Alan Gura (the rock star of the … Continue reading

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