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Anti-social Behavior by a Felon Gives Law-abiding Gun Owners a Black Eye

Last Friday, February 23, a man and a woman from Tarboro found someone sitting in their seats at a movie theater. An argument ensued. Instead of jetting an usher or the manager to settle the dispute, the man decided to … Continue reading

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Illegal Seizure of Firearms by San Jose Heads to the Ninth Circuit Court

Imagine this: Your spouse has a mental breakdown and needs some help. After they have been taken to the hospital for treatment the police come in and seize all your personal firearms. They are locked away in a safe inaccessible … Continue reading

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A Good Guy with a Gun Beats Evil Only When He or She Acts

An evil adult slaughtered 17 innocent children and adults at the Stoneman Douglas High School on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2018. The shooter should have been stopped as the school, local authorities and even the FBI had been warned without … Continue reading

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BAFTE Report on Internet Sales Proven False

In 2016, The BAFTE (ATF) issued a report that the internet makes it easy to illegally purchase firearms by prohibited persons. Sales of firearms across state lines using the internet was also reported by the ATF to be an effective … Continue reading

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FBI Admits Culpability in School Shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High

Today, February 16, the FBI publicly admitted that they had dropped the ball in investigating Nikolas Cruz. The FBI was first informed on January 5th that Cruz had been threatening to shoot up schools and police officers. This was 9 … Continue reading

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California Driving Out Manufacturers and Jobs

California is just losing a major firearms manufacturer due to an unfriendly business environment. Yes, excessive business taxes and draconian firearm laws are forcing Weatherby to abandon its long-time home started in 1945 in South Gate, California. Their new facility … Continue reading

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Political Correctness and a Suspended 10-year Sentence Murder a Police Officer

On March 18, 2016 a Greenville, South Carolina police officer was murdered and his own department’s political correctness is partly responsible. Officer Allen Lee Jacobs was chasing a 17-year-old known gang member who was suspected to be a felon trying … Continue reading

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Active Shooter System for School Has BIG Flaw – video

Shooter Detection Systems just tested its most advanced detection and tracking system for schools. The test took place on November 11, 2014 at a grammar school in Methuen, Massachusetts. A person walked through the school simulating a gunman. The shooting … Continue reading

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Twisting the U C Santa Barabara Shooting

When The Police Don’t Use  Existing  Laws To Stop Shootings …   Get More Laws. Police didn’t search database showing California shooter had bought guns. Related posts: Oakland Police Chief Admits Gun Buy Back Has No Impact on Crime I … Continue reading

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National Guard Being Trained to Fight Second Amendment Supporters

In training warriors, it is all about the mindset.  A determined mind trumps dumb brute strength every time.  So, the National Guard and even local law enforcement is being prepared for the next terrorist attack inside the United States. Related … Continue reading

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